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Mercedes came to the shoot with just one request—to make her first time doing porn extra memorable. Of course, who are we to not grant a simple wish? This ghetto gagger is one of those precious little bitches you just can’t say no to. And she is quite the good girl too. She did not say no to anything we made her do, even if she ended up spitting, vomiting and having cum all over her face. Loads of face and ass fucking with this ghetto gagger is well worth it. How’s that for a memorable first time on cam?


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Miami is as exciting as the place she is named after. The ebony babe is one of our newfound treasures as Ghetto Gaggers since she has never done porn before but knows that she is good at sex and she loves having sex. Miami has not tried a lot of white cocks before so we went gentle at first and took turns fucking her face until she gagged so much. For more fun we also exploited her pussy until she begged all of us to stop. This girl is fun to have around and maybe next time she’d be more open to do crazier stuff.


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Monica reminds us of the lady in the street but a freak in the bed vibe. She has that sweet smile going on but funky horny attitude underneath. This ebony babe is feisty and spicy. She could not get enough of the white cocks around her and she kept on asking for more. We let her have her fun and we filled her face with cum after she was gagging like a crazy bitch. We love having our milk on this coco puff that’s for sure. Check out the rest of Monica in this video right over here.


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Raina made us expect something that was not true. This chick wanted to get with Ghetto Gaggers so bad, she turned out to be a big faker. Of course we would not let this disappointment pass so we had to make the most out of the situation and punish her for being fake. What did we do? We fucked her brains out until she could not take any more. Nobody messes with the white boys and gets away with it. Raina deserved getting exploited like that and getting her face covered in hot jizz.


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Reniya is a really cute chick to the point where we were not really sure we wanted to abuse her. Well guess what, this chick is hot as hell and she is the one who basically begged us to fuck her good. We have never seen anyone strip so fast and spread wide open as Reniya did. Oh man, this girl is so fucking horny! She let us have our way with her—fuck her face, make her gag and fuck her holes. Just how twisted is Reniya? She willingly sat there and let the cum dry on her face


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Secret is another one of the ghetto sassy bitches who came to us thinking she’s all that. Well, Secret is pretty sexy so we had to give her a try. But there was no one going easy on this ebony chick. If she says she can handle three stiff white cocks then she better prove it. Secret got bitch slapped the way a ‘ho like her deserves. But the crazy thing is she actually seems to enjoy being exploited by us. Well, we did ram her throat pretty good and give her a hot cum shower all over her face.


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Sedney came to us because she wanted quick cash to update her wardrobe. We love it when chicks come to their senses and use their bodies in exchange for something else that they want. It’s having fun while earning money, what could be wrong with that? We were more than glad to help out Sedney and it did not take her long to drop on her knees and let us violate her young face. We like her so much, she got ass fucked and face fucked at the same time. Something tells us Sedney will be back for more as soon as new fashion comes around.


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Sparkle is one of the most amazing ebony babes we have ever seen. Sparkle knows how to work on cock like a pro, as if her life depended on it. We have never seen anyone volunteer to take two cocks in their mouth at once. She licks and sucks on dick as if she was starving for ice cream. She gagged a little but we don’t mind. She enjoyed it, we enjoyed it, and there is cum on her face to prove it. Sparkle is surely one horny bitch we would love to have more of in the future.


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Stacy is a nineteen year old chick who is also a first timer in front of the camera. Honestly, we couldn’t believe that no one has attempted to film this chick when her tits are so round and sexy! Stacy even has that aura of a sweet girl next door but her body is screaming temptation. We couldn’t wait any longer and had her suck our dicks. We were not gonna let her go without getting a taste of her tits and her tight pussy. Man, this babe is so delicious we did not want her to leave.

Tara Hart

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Tara Hart is a sweet young ebony chick who was naughty enough to let us capture her first anal on camera. You read it right folks, this hot babe is an anal virgin and she has never allowed any boyfriend to tap her nice tight ass. Of course we were delighted that she let us take turns with her ass and Tara Hart actually loved being invaded from the back. She moaned and groaned as her holes get filled. Tara Hart even got her pretty face dripping with about three loads of cum. Not a lot we can say about this chick except—score!